We are proud to announce that the U.S. Patent Office issued Finishes Unlimited patents for "Methods
For Providing Radiation Cured Coatings on Substrates" under USPTO Patent Number 8304032 and
"radiation curable-coating compositions, composite and plastic materials coated with said compositions
and methods for their preparation" under USPTO Patent Number 8440013.

The coatings covered under these patents are produced by Finishes Unlimited, which holds the
patents, and are marketed, under license, through Composite Coatings, Inc.


Disclosed is a curable coating composition suitable for use on composite substrates such as plastic
composites, cementitious composites, ceramic composites, and engineered wood, or on plastic
materials. The curable coating composition comprises a multifunctional oligomer, a monomer selected
from the group consisting of monofunctional monomers, difunctional monomers and mixtures thereof,
a photoinitiator, a polyester resin and a polycarboxylic acid. Also disclosed is a method of coating the
substrates with the curable coating composition and a coated substrate wherein the cured coating
resides on the surface of the substrate.
A representative sample of products coated with paint from Finishes Unlimited